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Executive Director – Aparna Shenoy

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Alice Kearse – Assistant Executive Director
Jan Barclay – Curriculum Coordinator


Shining Stars

(Delmar 5 Hour)​

Lisa Diana, Special Ed. Teacher
JoAnn Preston, Nursery School Teacher


Playful Pandas

(Ravena 5 Hour)

Mary Mckillop, Special Ed. Teacher

Colleen Ames, Nursery School Teacher

Boy explorer

The Explorers

(Delmar 5 Hour )​

Julie Purcell, Special Ed. Teacher
Jaime Tucci, Nursery Teacher


Dancing Dinosaurs

(Ravena 5 Hour )

Brigit Hargis, Special Ed. Teacher
Valerie Crowe, Nursery School Teacher


Before and After Care – Delmar

Lara Albudour, Teacher Aide

Laila Stephens, Daycare Closer


Busy Bees

(Ravena 5 hour)

Alicia Demeree, Special Ed. Teacher
Shari Hoffman, Nursery School Teacher

Speech Pathologists:

  • Janet Aguirre
  • Renee Bourgeois
  • Melissa Cookfair
  • Laura Gottesman
  • Santina Stewart

Occupational Therapists:

  • Carly Kramer
  • Lauren Sprague
  • Megan Wenk

Physical Therapists:

  • Laurie Dickerson
  • Amy Waite


Administrative Staff

Jackie Blendell, Administrative Asst. –
Christina VanGorden, Facility –
Colleen McNessor, Program Manager –
Delmar & Ravena – Accounts
Jackie Greenwood, Bookkeeper –

Julie Purcell – Delmar Site Director

Cathy Gettys – Ravena Site Director

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