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Delmar: September 4th

Ravena: September 4th

First Day

Ravena : September 12th

Open House

Ravena: October 11th

Picture Day

Delmar: October 31st

Ravena: October 31st

Harvest Festival

Delmar: December 19th

Revena: December 18th


Delmar: November 21st

Ravena: November 26th


Delmar: April 13th-April 17th

Ravena: April20th-April 24th

Week of Young Child

Ravena: June 19th

Donuts with Dad

Delmar: April 13th-17th

Awesome Kids week

Ravena: May 8th

Muffins with Mom

Ravena: June 21st-24th


woman holding a chid